We went to a rural area today, where another non-profit, is building a community. We were blessed to get to train women who are going to be keeping a day care center. Hopefully what is being done there will help keep children out of an orphanage. The Fuller Center is trying to help these very poor people, by giving them a sense of community, helping them have a home and a job, and a safe place for their children to be cared for while they work. Hopefully this will help keep more children from being placed in orphanages because of parents not having the money to feed them.

Tonight we went out and fed the homeless on the streets of El Salvador! It is always such a humbling experience!

Robin and her girls went in a different direction than the rest of the team. They went to a large orphanage where some of the children are that we have gotten to know in the past. They were blessed to get to help some of he most needy boys at that orphanage! They were allowed to take a few of them out to lunch and to buy them clothes. They bought medicines and other items that the rest of the children needed in that orphanage.