McKenzie and Theresa with new and old friends!
Tuesday was another busy day in El Salvador. The team spent most of the day at CISNA the boys orphanage that is housed in a former prison. As always, The bus was greeted by very enthusiastic boys awaiting their arrival! While the boys were in school for the morning hours, our group cleaned their living quarters, scrubbed their bathrooms and repaired a the broken basketball goal.

“It’s hard to explain the feelings I am experiencing right now because frankly I have never felt them before. I know God has blessed us with this opportunity but overall I feel like I’m the one that has been blessed and I will be changed by this forever more” ……Drew Shadburne

“This trip so far has been very hard and emotional. This would be my fourth trip to this beautiful place of El Salvador. Every time I come I feel like God opens my heart more and more. One thing I have noticed is how people think that the more you go your heart hardens and you don’t cry as much. Well, I am a witness to say that does not happen at all. I have cried more than I feel like I have ever cried. This trip has been difficult because I constantly find myself asking God “Why I am not the kid on the street? Why am I not the 15 year old girl who has already had a baby, has been raped by her father and she is pregnant again? Why am I not the baby who was abandoned at birth? Why am I so blessed?”. But I know God gives us a home and a peace that surpasses all understanding. One girl on the trip said that when our heart is broken because of these people, the only thing we can do is fill it up with Jesus Christ.”……..Carson Stivers

“Today was a day at CISNA…a boys home filled with many stories of desperately hurting hearts. As I listened to a twelve year old boy tell his life’s journey. He was abandoned by his mother at the age of eight. As I looked in his sad eyes I was reminded that my son was eight years old. Still so innocent and dependent in so many ways. I can’t imagine him alone in a strange place so afraid with no one to hold him. Tonight my heart is so heavy. How many moments I have taken for granted. Realizing how we allow life to get so hurried, and stressed that we miss the many blessings all around us. God gives us each 24 hours each day. We are allowed to spend them whatever way we choose. My prayer tonight is for this child of God to feel peace and hope that only his Heavenly Daddy can provide.”………Leigh Ann Kephart

The photo below shows a sad but common occurrence when our team leaves CISNA. If you look closely at the back window of the bus, you’ll notice how the boys always jump on the back of the bus, wishing they could leave with the group…
Wednesday, the team will spend a whole day at the beach with all the boys from CISNA. With the many bonds formed while the group was there yesterday, we can’t wait to see how God will work today. Please continue to pray for God’s children of El Salvador and for the encouragement of our team!