Today the team traveled west to the town of Ahuachapán, near the Guatemalan border. Here they visited with local residents, delivering rice and beans to the community.

The group also had a chance to pass out more supplies, shoes and clothing to children in the area.
When they learned our group was coming, more than 300 children came into town and lined up for balloon characters, face painting, crafts, games and lots of fun with our students!

They spoke with local teens about learning life skills, abstinence and the importance of an education.

The residents were so glad to receive aid and know that someone cares about them. Our students were able to see first hand, how important it is to GO and not just send money. Without visiting, we may not ever learn of all the needs that we can easily meet.

Tonight the team had the honor of once again preparing and serving meals to the homeless.

The hundreds of homeless living on the streets of El Salvador range from children to senior citizens. Many of them count on ministry teams such as ours to survive and are very grateful to receive a meal. 
Tomorrow the LOHS team will travel to San Martin where they will have a day they’ll never forget! They will be visiting a large special needs center that houses around 100 residents from 10-60 years of age, all with varying levels of disabilities. This is always a very emotional but often favorite day for Starfish groups.
The precious people of San Martin love without judgement and are so thrilled to have a day of others showing them love and caring for them. Due to overcrowding and understaffed facilities, the residents rarely get to play outside. Many of them spend day in and day out tied to chairs or beds in order to protect them from harming themselves or others, due to their disabilities. Tomorrow, our team will take these sweet people outside for puppet shows, games, dancing, crafts and many, many smiles!