She’s just a precious child herself!

These sweet girls are wearing their pillow case dresses!

Sweet dreams!

Words cannot describe nor do justice for the pain and suffering that I saw today with my own eyes…

God is good. When I see no hope for these kids future, I am quickly reminded that God has it in His hands, and He has prepared every footstep of their journey. When I forget about the pain and suffering of these people, God quickly sends a reminder my way. He reminds me that I am grateful to not have to worry about my next meal and where its going to come from, how to provide for my siblings, weather I will see my Mom ever again, if my Dad is still out there, If I will ever be rescued, if I even have a future, or… if God even exist through all the hurt. Today God allowed me to witness a ton, and be changed through what I saw.

We spent the day at a government orphanage. This particular orphanage that has babies, toddlers, special needs children, little boys, teenage girls, and teen moms. We started off our day with doing the Jonah skit for all the kids. They loved it! Their faces glowed and lit up as they giggled and laughed. We played soccer with the little boys, or more so, watched them run circles around us as we attempted to keep up. We let the teen moms and girls decorate cups and plant flowers and put soil in the cups. We talked to them about growing in Christ, and how it takes studying, praying, and doing to build and grow a strong relationship with our ultimate Father. We held babies and rocked them until they were fast asleep, and played with toddlers until they couldn’t play anymore. We had a fantastic time, until God sent a reminder of where we were.

A family of three girls that were 14, 7, and 2 came to the center. They were screaming and crying as I watched the coordinator weigh the oldest girl, and take records. We talked to the girls, and tried to calm them down. They told us their story. Last night, their Mom left the house at 9pm, and went out. Their other sister that was 5 was in the house asleep. The other 3 girls were outside playing, when all a sudden their house went into flames, and they could not get their 5 year old sister out of the house. The police came and took the girls to the station. When their Mom finally came to the house, the police arrested her and took her to jail. The three little girls lost their sister, their Mom, their home, and everything they owned in one night. Upon arriving at the orphanage, the girls were left with the torn up clothes on their backs, surrounded with strangers, and no hope for their future. I was torn up. I didn’t know what to think, do, or say, but just to cry.

If anything, God allowed me to witness this situation to remind me of what these people live and go through. He brought me out of my routine at this center and told me that I can’t get desensitized by being here from the past trips. He told me that even when I think that I have seen the worst of worst, there is still worse. Before we left, we said a prayer with the girls, and we prayed blessings and peace over them. I don’t know if those girls will ever see their Mom again, but one thing I do know is that their sister is rejoicing with Jesus in Heaven. It brings me joy and peace to know that they will get to run and play with their sister in Heaven one day.

Getting ready to feed the homeless

Everybody loves rocking babies!


My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.  Psalm 62:1-2