Tuesday was another action packed day for the team!  They returned to the community where they built the house yesterday, to put the roof on the house.  They also put on their Bible Story skit for the kids, shared about Jesus with the community, and gave out donations of shoes, pillow case dresses, other clothes, treat bags, tooth brushes, baby blankets and other much needed items!

Roof going up!

Probably his very first pair of new tennis shoes ever!

Little one lays so still to get face painted, with a side of love!

Serving makes your heart smile!

Here’s what one of the team members had to say about today:

This morning we returned to the village to finish our house project. On Monday we dug twelve footers for our foundation and put the floor down and raised the walls up. Our group has wondered out loud what this home will look like in a year, or where this family will be. As one who crafted the house, I have been wondering are my efforts good enough that this structure will stand up when the winds blow and the rains fall. As we pull into the village, we are greeted by many children with their mothers who have come to hear a promised Bible story and get a treat bag. Our group stops to tell the story of Jonah, and to share Christ’s love for them. I then returned to finish the house by putting the roof on. From the top rung of a ladder I stopped to watch part of our team continue to love on the family and neighbors. A moment of clarity, the foundation that will stand up to the storms that will come and will follow this family wherever they go is built on
Matthew 7: 24 

Our favorite translator getting in on the face painting action!

Let’s pray that he is indeed “Consumed with thirst” for God!

Pillow case dresses bring smiles!  Praise God for those that make them!

She surely feels like a princess in her new dress!

This house was built with love, may love always abound in it!

The house that LOVE built!


The girls got in on a little roof action!

Everyone worked hard to make this house happen!

She looks so proud of her treat bag!

Air time!

Roof, check!

Tough guy shirt!

He is Asesome

She got her new blanket made by SUPER volunteers and could not wait to go to sleep on it!

New, clean sheets to sleep on!  The team worked hard, but this smile is REALLY good pay!

Neighbor’s home. 

The team is going on Wednesday to put together the rest of the furniture, and get the stove set up, have a presentation, and they are going to feed the entire community, and give out bags of rice and beans. Then to San Martin in the afternoon. Please pray that they will be able to love on this community, and that the community will understand why the team traveled so far, and worked so hard.  Please pray that God’s love will be abundantly obvious to these precious people that seem to us to have so little.  We are so deeply hunbled and thankful for God using us and others to bless this family and this community!