The team all arrived safely last night and enjoyed a fun filled movie night with the kids of La Casa! As you can see, Dionna & other the kids really enjoyed their popcorn!

Tia Natalie and Eduardo! The Gardner family received great news this week! They will be leaving on Sunday, May 14th to travel to bring their son home! As you can see he’s super excited and can’t wait to be home with his forever family! He’s looking so much older and his English skills are getting great! He can’t wait to play with his new sisters!

It was obvious that Juancito and Michaela haed no problem hitting it off as always! These two are quite the team! It will be interesting as always to see what they get into this week!

The beautiful Tait sisters met for the first time on Sunday night too! Hannah and Anna Julia seemed to be two pees in a pod! Don’t they look just alike! AJ is ready to get home to her other brothers and sisters & mommy and daddy very soon too!

Ill be posting more of what I can as I receive picutres from the team! Please continue to pray for the group as they will be working with hundreds of more children today in rural villages and orphanages. Pray for the hearts of the children and adults they will encounter and pray for their boldness and courage. We love and miss them much and know this is going to be an incredible week for them all! Stay tuned for more updates! ~Ashley