The team left Nashville early this morning. They were excited and anxious about what the rest of the day would hold. With just two short flights, they found themselves in a new world. One very different from their own…
After gathering all of their luggage and making it through customs, they wasted not time in getting to work. First the group headed to the CIPI intake orphanage. This is where children are brought in daily off the streets and they stay here until they can be replaced with family or moved into a more permanent orphanage.
There are infants, toddlers, and boys & girls up to age seven. There is also a special needs center and a large number of teenage girls, many of which are pregnant or already have babies of their own.
Next, the team headed over to the mission house to get settled in, but didn’t rest for long. The group quickly began making meals to deliver to the homeless living on the streets of San Salvador. Sandwiches, fruit, crackers, drinks and other snacks were delivered to hundreds of homeless who would have otherwise gone without a meal today.
We are so proud of this group and what they are doing for others. Their love for the children was so evident in their interaction with the kids of CIPI. Their concern for the homeless was shown in their eagerness to feed the hungry and make as many meals as possible.

Because the team got in so late tonight and they are still getting settled, tonight’s blog is shorter than usual. Hopefully there will be more than one tomorrow!
Be sure to look for more photos and messages from students each day!
Keep the team in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as they continue working with orphan children, learning about El Salvador’s culture, aiding the homeless and giving out shoes & clothing!
Thanks to generous donations and the students hard work leading up to the trip, the group will be identifying and funding projects to improve conditions for these precious children who have no families.