As the week was drawing to an end this Friday, Maddie found herself thinking back to the emotional Thursday she had spent with the children on CIPI. So, before we start on Friday, Please take a moment to read Maddie’s words about her new friend and her prayers for his future!

Yesterday was a day of many emotions. We spent the day at CIPI. CIPI is an orphanage with different sections, one part teenage girls, another teenage moms, the special needs, and lastly the children. Through God we were able to transform the rooms for the teen girls and the teen moms. This was a very exciting part of the day because we got to see happiness and joy from their faces and expressions. We also had the blessing of getting inflatable jumpy things for the children. We were able to see smiles and get giggles out of the kids. But what broke my heart the most was when I sat holding little Carlos. Carlos is a two year old boy with special needs. He isn’t able to walk and his brain doesn’t function right. What hurt me the most was when I was sitting there, and heard that Carlos was a normal boy when he was born. He was physically abused by his parents. His parents broke his left leg and he was beaten and received concussion after concussion so his brain can’t function properly. I just can’t understand why people could do that to a poor innocent baby. It just blows my mind that people could do something so inhumane as that…………….My prayer for tonight is that God will be with little Carlos. That Carlos may feel loved and cared about. That King Jesus will watch over him and place a tender hand on him. And also that He will be with the people that did and do physically abuse children. That He will change their hearts and let them know that they are loved as well………Maddie Morris