Friday’s post will be delayed. Please check back with us Saturday evening to see how things went for the team on both Friday and Saturday. There will be lots of pictures and testimonies as we wrap up this group’s time in El Salvador.
We thank you for your consistent prayer throughout their journey and their safe travels home. We thank you for faithfully following along on the blog and tirelessly praying for the team! Your love and encouragement has them going and they love knowing that you are involved by watching what they are doing each day!
As their hearts are saddened to leave the precious people and sweet children they have fallen in love with, I know they are also eager to get back home to you as well!
Please be praying for their emotions over the next few weeks as they return home. For most everyone who goes on a trip like this, it is normal to not quite feel like yourself for a few weeks. It takes an adjustment period to process some of the things they have experienced and seen, before you return back to “normalcy.”
Starfish Orphan Ministry thanks you for allowing your family members to be a part of this incredible experience. Thank you for supporting them in a life changing experience they will never forget. If you helped in any small way, you also helped in a very big way. By helping someone go on this trip, they loved on a child who would have otherwise been without love this week.  So we thank YOU for loving on these children, too!
Check back Saturday Evening for More Pictures!