How can such a beautiful place need such desperat measures?
Everyone loves bubbles!

Hard work is good for the soul!
The pirate look is “in” right now!  So thankful he’s getting help with his eye!

Making a difference!

Money helps, but it doesn’t buy a hug!

Buenos Dias.

We just got back from a full day of work and boy are we
tired. We got up this morning to a great breakfast here at the mission house,
then about 8am we headed over to CIPI. CIPI is part of the national goverment
intake center and offices for all the foster care and orphanages in El
Salvador. From there orphans go all over the country to other centers but some
teen mothers, disabled children, and abandoned babies stay there full time. We
toured the place then got to work. We split into 4 groups… 1 to love on
babies.. 1 to love on special needs kids… 1 to visit with teen mothers and
their kids… and 1 construction crew to paint and landscape and garden area
that was an overgrown mess. We worked hard all morning then we went for
lunch. In the afternoon we came back for VBS puppet skits, crafts, balloon
animals, and we even got to hand out some soccer balls. We got back to the
house about 6pm, dirty and tired. Still ahead tonight about half our group will
go feed the homeless.

Everyone is safe and doing well.

On Tuesday the team goes to a rural community to distribute Life Straws!  Drinking dirty water kills more children in the world than all childhood illnesses combined!  These Life Straws will allow an individual to filter thier drinking water for 18 months!  These straws (which cost $10 – $20 each) can lengthen a child’s life by 18 months!

The team will then go to San Martin to the governement center that houses handicapped adults.  Most of them have the minds of young children, they are forgotten by society.  We love going there, and loving on these precious people!

They will also go to the Aids orphanage for young children.  That is always a fun place to go.  The children are well cared for, and most are pretty healthy.  They love to play!

Please be in prayer for the team as they serve God through serving His children !


Everyone loves to hold babies!