Thank you for continuing to follow our team on this incredible journey! They so appreciate your prayers, and want you to know that God is doing
The Starfish Gang was welcomed with open arms to CIPI’s orphanage this morning! This is a location that we have worked with for years now. It is the place where many children in El Salvador are brought to when they are picked up off the streets or removed from their families. It is a very emotional place but as you can see from the pictures, the team was able to bring many smiles to normally sad faces!

They spent the day doing puppet shows, taking kids outside to play, loving on children and talking to many of the girls they had taken to the beach yesterday. Many of the babies you’ll see in these pictures belong to those young girls.

The pillowcase dresses so many of you have worked on for the past few months were a huge hit! What a precious way to share God’s love. The girls were told how the sweet women who made their dress prayed over it; for their safety, their hearts and their future as a princess of the king!

Tomorrow will be another physical and very emotional day. Our group will be traveling to the city of St. Marin. Here they will visit a large special needs center that houses around 120 residents of various ages and many different disabilities. It is a trying but greatly rewarding place! Some of the group will also visit an AIDS orphanage with children from newborn to about nine years old; all of which have HIV or AIDS. Finally, they will finish up the day in a squatters camp with some of the poorest residents in El Salvador. There they will pass out Bibles and food, minister to the families and listen to their needs, all while entertaining and sharing God’s word with their children through puppet shows, games and crafts!