Today was a day of fun, sun and special momentts with precious children…

Our group toook the children from CIPI’s special needs department to the beach. Children who normally NEVER get to go outside of the orphanage were able to feel the cool ocean breeze. Each team member took a child and let them feel the warm waves and let the water splash on their skin.

Faces normally frozen in time with expression of pain and discomfort were covered in smiles.

Today’s note from Brian Carter, Pictured Above:

“Today we took special needs children to the beach. Most of us were nervous about working with these kids because of there severe handicaps. We each went in and picked up the children and rode with them on the buses to the beach. My heart was quickly melted by a little boy named Nelson, who rode on my shoulders to the bus. I will be forever changed by the laughter of these children who we held in our arms, as the waves crashed around us. We have seen a lot of poverty and hurting since we arrived in El Salvador, but today we saw joy in the faces of these children. MY HEART IS FULL!!!!”

Tomorrow Starfish will be pairing up with the Fuller Center. They are another group working long term in El Salvador. They are building homes for families displaced by a combination of hurricane rains, earthquakes and mud slides. Our group will be painting playground equipment in the complex and spending time doing Bible School activities with the children in the area.

The group and the children are so grateful for your support, thoughts and prayers! Thank you for following along on this incredible journey that God has so perfectly planned!