Today was a very eventful first day for the group!
The team took about 75 girls to a private beach home that a Starfish friend so graciously donated. Many of these girls had never seen the beach, most had never been swimming, and a good portion had NEVER left the orphanage. The group picked them up at the orphanage this morning, bused them about an hour out to the beach and spent the day treating them like the Princess’ of the King that they are!!!

For many teen girls in El Salvador, living on the streets or with gangs becomes a way of surviving at a very young age. Stealing to eat, begging for a place to sleep, and prostitution to feed themselves, and in many cases their children, is simply a way of life. Their value and place in this big world is often lost and forgotten.

All of the girls went through a special program today teaching them how valuable they are to their Heavenly Father. They were “crowned,” received certificates of their royalty and were given t-shirts as a reminder proclaiming their place as a “Princesa” of the King!
Simply hearing the loving words of the team; feeling His love through the touch of their hands; seeing the group’s desire to serve them; tasting the meals prepared for them; and of course smelling the fresh sea air made a lasting impact on the hardened hearts of these precious princesses.

Please pray for the team as they travel to the CIPI orphanage on Monday. They will be working with babies, (some are children of the girls they had today) as well as a large group of special needs children. Pray for their continued strength and endurance as they go through this week and for the individuals they will be ministering to, that God would prepare their hearts to hear His words. Thank you all for your love and support! Feel free to leave encouraging comments for the team!