Today the Team took the boys from CISNA to the beach… a nice break for the boys from their daily routine at the orphanage; a day all about them. Tonight more of the students were able to go out feeding homeless across San Salvador, while other members of the team were preparing for tomorrow’s trip to a rural village. Saturday the LOHS group is expecting to work with as many as 400 or more village children!
Unfortunately we are having more technical problems tonight, so after several hours of attempt an no success, we do not have new pictures for you. We are very sorry as we know you are anxiously awaiting new photos of the students! Please check back Saturday! We promise to post them as soon as we can!
Thank you for your patience!
Below you will find two comments from students, reflecting on today’s experiences…
“Today we toured a boys orphanage, Cisna, then took around 20 boys to the beach. It was a beautiful, fun day! We handed out love bundles and clothes. Please pray for the group tonight going to feed the homeless. Tomorrow we are going to a village with a lot of kids. Last night Genesis 12 gave me much encouragement, that we are in a place where God is also present.” ~ Nicole Walker

“We went to the beach with guys our age and simply threw footballs and frisbees. We just goofed off and hung out. Great day.” ~ Conner English