Today we started off our day bright and early loading the truck with many items to build a house and the house itself. We headed an hour and a half out of the city to this village where we met a family of six. Upon arriving, the sights that we saw were unbelievable. How little these people owned, but yet how precious and valuable their items were to them was breathtaking. We began to disassemble what they would say was their house, but to me was tin and nails thrown together. Their house was about the size of a bedroom, and had only 2 beds for their entire family. As I was taking one of the beds out of their house, it dawned on me that most likely several of them have to sleep on the floor every night. I am so blessed to be able to go home and know that I have a safe, comfortable place to lay my head down at night and go to sleep. As the day went on, we did bubbles, balloons, and songs with the kids in the village. Sure enough, the house came along. At the end of the day, we went home with all posts in the ground, the floor down, and all the walls up. Dirt, sawdust, sweat, bubbles, noodle arms, tired legs, changed hearts, and many memories, were carried back to the mission house with us for an end to such a blessed, full day. God really allowed our team to bond with these precious people and get to know each one of them. I can’t wait to continue to grow and get to know these people, and see what God has in store for tomorrow!
The house that a woman, her mother and her 4 children were living in.

First they had to tear down the old house.


It must seem strange that your home can be completely dissassembled in such a short time!

Picking up the pieces!

Beanie Babies are a treasured gift!
Team taking time to get to know the family!
You can only imagine what this little one might be thinking!
Working hard!
Treat bags bring smiles to the faces of children!
Building relationships!
Team Work!
Surrounded by Love!
Beanie Babies make everyone feel special!
Do they know what they are doing?  The job got done, so they must!
Setting the posts in the ground and getting everything level wasn’t easy!