At Starfish, we know that as always, the key word for a mission trip is “flexibility!” God showed the team this again today! When most of the team arrived at the Nashville airport ready to head to Miami this morning, plans quickly changed. Complications of the aircraft have now held them in Nashville until Sunday. The airline was very accomodating and have put them up in a hotel in Nashville for the night. Hannah Tait, a team member from North Carolina, has just joined the team in Nashville, and Lauren & Leigh Ann Kephart will be there later this evening. Maybe it was God’s intention for them to travel together all along!
As you can see, they are making the best of their bonding experiences in the airport! Please continue to pray for their patience as they travel. Also, be in prayer for everyone they are having the opportunity to encounter with and minister to during this time of transition!
The plan is for the enitre team to leave out first thing Saturday morning and fly to Miami, then El Salvador, where they will immediately begin working with God’s precious children! Thank you for your continued prayers and support, and keep posted for new updates!