The team met bright and early this morning. As we finalized the details on our luggage, and discussed who would ride in which vehicle and whether or not everyone had all of the items they needed, things began to feel a bit hectic. Just as usual, everyone is excited to get on the road. For those who have been before, they can’t wait to see a familiar faces. And, for those going for the first time, their minds are running wild with excitement and the thrill of the unknown. 
 Over the previous months the specific team members have changed several times, but I am confident that God hand chose each of our seven team members very carefully. We are all very different and come from very different places. From Grandparents to Students, Single to Married, Different Occupations and Different Interests, but we know that God placed us together this week for one simple reason, to Love Him by serving and loving His own precious chldren!

Sunday we will begin the day at a local church here in San Salvador. Aaron Garrett, one of our team members will be singing along for praise and worship and them our group will be assisting with chilrdrens church for around 30 young chlidren. Dale and Cathy will be doing a dramatic stroytelling of many major events throughout the bible and the other team will be doing crafts with them as well.
In the afternoon, we will head to CIPI, an in-take center for San Salvador. There will be groups of babies and toddlers, young girls & boys ages 4-7, Teen girls, as well as a few Teen Moms with their own children. There we will be delivering supplies, and again doing bible studies and crafts, all while reminding our new friends that they are not alone, and they have not been forgotten! They will always have their Heavenly Father to help them through anything big or small!
We want to take it a step further, and that will require your help! To truly ensure these precious children that they are not alone and that they have not been forgotten by the world around them, we must continue to pass along these messages, we must continue to share statistics, and always continue to encourage Christians that adoption doesn’t have to be a last resort! We know some people are not called to adopt or foster and that’s okay. But, as Christians, we are all called to do SOMETHING!
Let your first SOMETHING be reposting this blog link to your Facebook page, or telling a friend to read this week’s blog. Or just PRAY. We NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of prayer! But please take the challenge and DO SOMETHING to make a difference in the lives of Orphans TODAY!