The entire group was excited and looking forward to today’s visits. Those who had been on past trips always enjoy seeing the familiar faces of our friends, and those who had not been before, were looking forward to seeing the sweet people they’d heard so much about. As usual, today’s visit to San Martin felt like an emotional roller coaster. It was a long, emotionally draining day for our team, but filled with rewards!
They were greeted by the infamous David with a big “What’s up?” and of course his unforgettably contagious smile! From there they visited the small dormitories on the grounds and saw one suffering special needs resident after another. With their hearts broken for those laying in their beds all day, or those who wanted to go outside but couldn’t without extra help, they gathered with many residents on the front lawn. The precious residents of San Martin loved “duck, duck, goose”, blowing bubbles, puppets, crafts, etc.
When Leigh Ann picked up this special needs child to give him water, she noticed his shirt…
It is from a Starfish 5K event!!!

Several team members then visited the AIDS orphanage next door, where they made crafts and played games with some of the most energetic children they had ever seen! It is such a blessing to see kids with severe illnesses running, laughing and playing!

“The human hand has made an impact on me this week. I have been painting orphans’ hands and putting their little hand prints on different objects. As they each have opened up their hand for me, and I have smeared the paint on their palm and fingers, I have been reminded that each one is his/her own masterpiece. God has made no two hands alike, no two people the same fingerprints. I saw a man whose hands were covered in fungus, cracked open and bleeding. I gave a disabled man, who couldn’t use his legs, a paintbrush that he took in his hand and helped us with a project that we were supposed to do. We gave food to families who lived in cardboard shacks, and they received it with their hands. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus and be a blessing to the “least of these”, but I can honestly say their hands have been a blessing to me”…..Mechelle Harp

McKenzi & Laura love on our friend Pablito.

Pablito rarely gets to leave his bed due to an increasingly worsening hand and foot disorder.

“It is unreal how truly blessed we are. I never really realized that until today. To see God’s precious children suffering the way they are is heartbreaking. The one thing these people do not lack is a love for life and a joyous heart. All they want is to be loved, and I am so glad we got to love them. We may have changed one day in their life and that’s all we may ever do. It’s hard to realize we can’t really do anything without God, but it is true. We are helpless without our Savior. No matter how much we change their life, they have impacted ours even more. One thing God taught me so far this week is that we speak English and they speak Spanish but love is universal. Just hugging on these beautiful children makes a difference. Like Orsy ( one of the awesome translators) said “a butterfly flaps it’s wings and a tornado can form on the other side of the world”. We must be butterflies in a world of caterpillars doing small things for God’s glory, not our own, in order to create a tornado somewhere else.” ………..Mckenzi Bellt
Tuesday the team will be spending the day with the boys at CISNA, this is a large former prison that has been turned into an orphanage for boys ranging in age from 7-17 years. Later tomorrow evening, they will be preparing hundreds of meals to take out into the city and feed to the homeless!
Please continue to pray for this trip, the team members and the precious people they meet each day. We ask you to pray for boldness to share God’s love, strength to endure, attitudes and hearts for His purpose, as well as safety and guidance for everyone.