Today the team spent most of their time in San Martin. They visited a home for individuals with special needs of all ages. The facility houses just over 100 residents and is horribly under-staffed.

They were able to deliver much needed adult diapers and other supplies.

This is always one of the most difficult days. The people at San Martin are so loving and such a blessing to be around. Unfortunately, they live in not-so-great conditions.

The team also did puppet shows, crafts and all kinds of fun activities with the residents; many of which don’t get to go outside on a daily basis.

This evening they are feeding homeless again. They will likely be providing meals for hundreds of individuals, many of which are children. Then, Wednesday, they’ll be heading back to the San Martin area to visit a home that cares for HIV/AIDS children. Please be in prayer for their continued strength and for the children and adults they are ministering to.