We began Tuesday morning assisting at a fantastic ministry in San Salvador. This is a place that provides services very similar to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge or the Ronald McDonald House. They actually go to a local hospital in the morning and search for families to help. Most of the patients are children with HIV/AIDS, Cancer or other life threatening illnesses. They let the families know that they have a a safe and free misson where they can take them to receive a free warm meal and prayers for their family’s illness and difficulties. Many of these people have traveled for hours or days to get to the hospital and are their waiting all day for an appointment.
We were so blessed to cook and serve a warm breakfast to these precious families. It was a pleasure to listen to their stories, pray for their families and reassure them of the healing powers of our great and All Mighty God! 
The children were thrilled to color with us and loved their treat bags!
The little girls also left with beautiful new pillowcase dresses!
Next we headed back to Cipi for another visit with the teen girls!
The first on the agenda; a quick stop to deliver pillowcase dresses and shorts to all of the children at the center! We are so thankful to all of you who have sewed the dresses, shorts and skirts for many months! The hair bows we delivered this time were a huge hit as well!
For the first time, the boys got cool spiderman shorts too!  
In the afternoon, the teen girls were able to take a trip with us to an upscale bakery!
THIS IS UNHEARD OF! They are not allowed to help in the kitchen at the orphanage, and many of them told us they had never even cracked an egg before today!! They were beyond thrilled to be there! It was such a joy to see the smiles on their faces!
What a blessing to watch the excitement on the girls faces as they truly experienced real baking for the first time! After they finished and were waiting on their cupcakes to bake, we sat and talked with them as a group. One of the girls raised her hand and said, “Thank you so much to everyone who helped bring us here today. I have always dreamed of having a mother who would bake with me and today I knew what that felt like.” What a powerful statement! Many of the girls told us they had never even cracked an egg before!

We hope that this experience will encourage the girls to realize and remember what they are capable of. We did our best to remind them that they have a Heavenly Father who has given each of them talents and they can do anything in life they set their minds to if they do it for the Glory of their God! Please pray that they will remember this experience and set goals for their future!