Greetings from El Salvador! Today began a week long celebration for the “Day of the Children”…
As a team, we began our day on the soccer field at Cipi helping with the inflatables! I’m not quite sure who had more fun! As part of today’s special celebration, they were able to come outside and dance as well as play!  Everyone had a great time! Especially the special needs children! They were able to sit with us in the bouncy house and experience freedom from their wheelchairs with giggles and smiles all around!
The children were so excited because the famous “CipiTio,” a Salvadorian children’s television star was coming to perform at the celebration! All day they were looking for him…
Is that him? No! That’s Johnny Macho!
Is that him? No! That is Jose!
There he is! CipiTio!!! The kiddos were thrilled to see him! He did a great puppet show, played music, sang and danced with the children all afternoon!
In the evening we ordered pizza for the entire orphanage and served the children in the cafeteria. It was such a blessing to serve each and every one!