Today was full of fun for the team and everyone they worked with! They started the day off in San Martin at the special needs home where they did crafts, games, puppets and of course a mega dance party! The residents vary in ages but a smile is the same no matter how old you are!

These precious people thrive on a loving touch, a smile and a friend who loves them.

Next, everyone went next door to the HIV/AIDS home. This is an orphanage that many children are sent to when they first test positive as infants. Sometimes, with further testing, it’s found that they don’t have the disease and they are sent to differnt homes. Many of the children however, we have seen there year after year.

As you can see, once again the pillowcase dresses were a huge hit!

Before heading back to the mission house, the group visited a squatters camp. This is a location in the city where homes are built of sticks, trash bags and sometimes sheets of metal.

The following is a note sent today from Shannon Stivers:

“I am at a loss for words as I sit to type about our experience here in El Salvador. Words seem cheap. My emotions are raw and I have cried a million tears. In the past three days I have: rocked a new born baby abandoned at birth, watched homeless men women and children crawl out from under a bridge for food, kissed the face of the handicaped adults that the world has forgotten, and prayed with the beautiful El Salvadorians that call a squatter camp home. As I lay in my bed and wept last night the only prayer I could muster was for His quick return. I pray that the Lord will come and end the suffering and pain. Until he does, I pray that He will continue breaking my heart and yours. I pray that we will not rest in our comfort, in our conveniences, and in our “security.” Starfish IS making a difference here. God is using his people to reach those who are in the worst of circumstances and in desperate need. I am blessed to be a part of this fabulous group of people! All glory, honor and praise to our King!”

Thank you for continuing to PRAY and for following along. Please pray specifically tomorrow for the special needs group at CIPI. Our team will be taking them to the beach! A very rare treat for these precious children of the KING!