Friday was a busy day and very emotional since it was the last day the team would be working on the ground in El Salvador. The pictures from this post are a mix of favorites from the week. Below, you will find a short note on Friday’s activities from Shannon.
“Today was a very busy day here in El Salvador.  We started our morning at San Martin putting together beds for the residents.  Not only did we donate beds, but also pillows, clothing, art supplies, radio, reusable lunch bags, over-the-counter medications, water bottles, etc.  While we were working on the beds, some team members went back to CISNA to finish putting up the other two basketball goals.  We then distributed goods to the Squatter Camp.  We gave them dresses, toys, food, toothbrushes, and flip-flops.  They were are so grateful.  After a quick lunch, we went to a retirement home on top of one of the mountains.  It was beautiful and so were the elderly folks within it.  There on that mountain is also an opportunity to build an orphanage.  That evening we went to the market and a dinner of pupusas (a famous Salvadorian dish).  When we were on mountain eating, we saw the most beautiful view of the city of San Salvador. It was lit up like a Christmas tree.  We ended the evening by feeding the homeless..this was the third time this week.  None of us can believe that we will find ourselves back in the States in less than 24 hours.  This was a life changing, heart breaking experience that no one on this team will ever forget.” ~ Shannon Wilson

The team should be arriving back in Paducah around 5pm on Saturday. Please be in prayer for their travels and safe arrivals back at home!
THANK YOU to all of those who helped make this trip possible and to those who continue to support Starfish Orphan Ministry! Please remember and encourage others that while not everyone can adopt or travel internationally, ALL of us are called to help ORPHANS, and EVERYONE can do something!
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