This is our favorite girl at the Aids Orphanage. We have been visiting her for three years now. She always has a big smile for us. The children at this orphanage are well cared for. They all are HIV positive. This is not a government ran orphanage, it is mostly supported by a church in Spain. When God’s people step in, they can make a HUGE difference for children in need. The difference in the government ran orphanages, opposed to how the kids at LaCasa de mi Padre, and the Aids home, are care for are as different as daylight and dark! This is why we chose the name Starfish. In the Starfish story, the little boy explains to the man that he did make a difference “for that one”. You can make a difference too! Starfish is just one of hundreds of great orgnizations that you can help out and make a difference through!